The Kalevala Epic


The Goddess Ilmatar, one of the characters that are recounted in Kalevala


In Lönnrot’s time, Turku was quite an academic hub. It had a university and related academic buildings. Today, the city is best known for The Great Fire of Turku (1827), one of the (if not thé) largest fires in Scandinavia to date.


  • The marriage of Lemminkäinen and Kyllikki of the Island
  • The feud between Untamo and Kalervo; Kullervo’s unfortunate upbringing; an antifertility charm
  • The death of Ilmarinen’s lady
  • The theft of the Sampo from North Farm

“Wainamoinen, old and truthful, Now arranges for a journey To the village of the Northland, To the land of cruel winters, To the land of little sunshine, To the land of worthy women; Takes his light-foot, royal racer, Then adjusts the golden bridle, Lays upon his back the saddle, Silver-buckled, copper-stirruped, Seats himself upon his courser, And begins his journey northward…”




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